Reading Traces – Visualizing Theodor Fontane’s Author’s Library by UCLAB, FH Potsdam

What and how did Fontane read?

We present a visualization of Theodor Fontane’s author library. The inventory of ~64000 pages in 155 books contains works from the personal library of Fontane, a famous German author. He held these books in his hands and worked with them. This can be seen in numerous marginalia and markings he made during the reading and which can be explored for the first time online, at multiple levels within this visualization.

English demo video

English translation

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  • Credits
    Mark-Jan Bludau (concept, design, development); Viktoria Brüggemann (concept, scientific supervision/research); Marian Dörk (project lead at UCLAB); Anna Busch (project coordination, data acquisition); Sabine Seifert (research data management); Klaus-Peter Möller (scientific counseling); Kristina Genzel, Luisa Billepp, Tabea Klaus & Anke Reintsch (data acquisition); Peer Trilcke (project lead at Theodor-Fontane-Archiv)
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