The Fascinating World of Tattoos by University of Cincinnati

Tattoo history was the focus of “culture” for this project. This infographic tells the history of tattoos from across the globe. To begin this project, research was conducted to understand the depth of the 5,000 year history of tattoos. The information that was gathered was then organized chronologically, geographically, and categorically. Real-life historical tattoos and symbols were used as the reference for the drawings shown on the final infographic. The tattoos are represented on the central human figure in this infographic. Stemming from each tattoo, key information is shared about that tattoo and/or the region that tattoo comes from. Icons are used to help visualize certain data points. Each region’s data points are organized chronologically. The typeface chosen for the title and dates is Rye. The vintage look of this typeface is reminiscent of the classic American Traditional style tattoo typeface, and will help the viewer understand the subject of the infographic even quicker. The typeface Omnes was chosen for all the body copy and informational text in my infographic because it visually looks very similar to a popular sans serif type style in many American Traditional style tattoos. The roundedness and openness of this typeface will give the information a more friendly and approachable appearance. This is important to keep the viewer interested in the topic even though it is such and information dense history. Black, white, and gold were used as the sole colors for this design to not overwhelm or distract the viewer. With so much content to read through, having a simpler color palette makes the infographic more easily digestible. This color palette also has strong contrast which aids with legibility and grabbing the viewer’s attention.