Dasavatara : Semiosis And Iconography by Chetna Meena, Madhushree Kamak, Sayanhi Sinha

Hindu Mythology is a rich treasure trove of legends and fables. Vishnu is one of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism, responsible for protecting the Universe. The legend of the Ten Incarnations of Vishnu - 'Dasavatara' is one which is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. He incarnates himself on earth to preserve 'Dharma', the eternal order. Each form and its adornments have deep symbolism. Several of these avatars have some basis in history and draw inspirations from natural phenomena. Research on the origins and iconography of these avatars led us to a deeper understanding of the life and mentality of the people of that age. This project aims to visualize this cultural knowledge and create a platform to engage with it.