Endangered Species by Wo Shu, Nanjing University of the Arts

Wild animals are an indispensable part of nature and an important partner of ours. In the past hundred years, due to the continuous deterioration of the living environment of mankind and uncontrolled hunting, all kinds of wild animal populations are facing a sharp drop. With extinction looming, protection of endangered wild animals is urgent. However, regular text and data to warn people of this threat is often dull and thin. Therefore, I would like to consider these texts and data for visual information design, so that people can understand the urgency and importance of protecting endangered wildlife more quickly and accurately through intuitive visual forms. My design "Endangered Species" intends to effectively organize and summarize the information in a visual form, to show the people of Jiangsu Province what endangered wild animals are now facing in the living environment, as well as their habits and a variety of related data, in the hope by presenting the information beautifully, we can "call on people to protect wild animals".