Arctic Sea Ice 1980 to 2020 by Ben McLardy

The map centres on the North Pole with the black circle representing Earth's northern hemisphere. The dark blue represents the minimum extent of sea ice in the Arctic in 1980. The mid blue represents 2000, and the light blue 2020. Areas of sea (without ice) and land are black.

The coastline of Greenland and partial coastlines of Canada and Iceland can be seen in the lower left of the map. The coastlines of the Svalbard, Severny, Yuzhny, Komsomolets, October Revolution and Bolshevik Islands can be seen in the lower right of the map. The partial coastlines of Alaska and Russia can be seen at the top. The map is aligned vertically with the Prime Meridian.

The map is based on data from NASA Worldview, is to scale, and is accurate to within 100km.

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