A Data Book About Territories by Sebrae

Brazil is formed by 26 states, divided into 5 570 municipalities.
The first edition of the Data Book was about the state of Minas Gerais, with 853 municipalities. The data book contains infographics about: Social, Demographic, Economic and Infrastructural for each region of the state. Currently, the state is divided into 17 regions, which were organized by 17 different colors.

The sheets or pages are free to facilitate comparison between regions. The book is being used in government meetings with design thinking methodology for the development of territories.

The publication was made in 2016 with public data for the year 2015. Published 100 copies.

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    Olavo Machado Júnior, Afonso Maria Rocha, Anderson Cabido and Fábio Veras (executive board) Ricardo Leopoldo (business intelligence manager) Jefferson Soares Ferreira (design coordinator) Barbara Castro, Breno Fernandez, Bruna Rodrigues de Souza, Deborah Galvani Matos and Gabriela Martinez Vasconcelos (technical team)
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