Ather Data Wall by Timeblur Studio, Ather Energy

Our main aim was to visualise the Test Ride experience digitally real-time integrating our Client’s Electric Vehicle API, creating personalised Data Visualisation for each Rider.

We were invited to Ather Energy to collaborate with their inhouse Data team, to build a unique experience for each Rider at their Experience Centre.

Potential customers and buyers of Ather’s Electric Vehicle came to the Experience Centre and gets curious about their Test ride being shown back at the Experience Centre. It shows the Ride of the Rider, its speed on turns, efficiency of the Vehicle. It also presents him a unique Rider signature which is a Digital manifestation of his intensity on the Road. Since there were different tracks taken by the Riders, we see a variety of Rider signatures.

By combining our Visualisation techniques and Software expertise, we created a unique experience which resided at the intersection of technology, physics, and art.

As a result, this project enabled a new dimension in the Retail experience, integrating with Data from the Vehicle, visualising Rider’s behaviour happening all in real-time.

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