A Matter of Time by Urban Institute

“A Matter of Time” takes a comprehensive look at the nature of long prison terms in the U.S. – how time served in state prisons has grown in recent years, who is serving the longest prison terms, and how spending a long time in prison impacts a person and their loved ones. The multi-chapter feature includes a data-driven animation illustrating how prison terms stack up to lead to mass incarceration, audio clips from interviews with people who served decades in prison, and a series of multiple line charts in a tile grid map layout illustrating trends in the prison population over time.

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    Research team: Leigh Courtney, Elizabeth Pelletier, Sarah Eppler-Epstein, Ryan King, Leah Sakala Audio editing: Lydia Thompson, Michelai Graham Design: Christina Baird, John Wehmann Development: Ben Chartoff, Vivian Hou, Jerry Ta Editing: Serena Lei, Daniel Matos Interviews: Leigh Courtney, Serena Lei, Matthew Johnson Photography: Matthew Johnson, Logan Cyrus Writing: Leigh Courtney, Sarah Eppler-Epstein, Elizabeth Pelletier, Ryan King, Serena Lei Strategic communications: Nicole Weissman
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