The timeline of human evolution by Christian Spreafico

This illustrated story of the human evolution spans from the first cell to Charles Darwin in 7.27 meters with 259 beautiful flat illustrations.

In this survey, all the most relevant species are represented and divided into families: animals, fishes, reptiles, monkeys, apes, ancient humans, modern humans of different races and Darwin's ancestors.

* How do you read the timeline of human evolution? *

Pay attention to the arrows and their colors. Different for each family and grey for the extinct species.
Observe the background. It change color and it shows the world map of the historic period. Look the top left corner for its name).
Use the menu to quickly switch between content.
Use the filter to show/hide the extinct species and the main catastrophic events that affect the evolution of the species with the main mass extinction.

* How I get the sources? *

The analysis is based on 35 scientific publications with high number of citations from international journals with a high impact factor according to Google Scholar and Scopus databases.