Recovery Capital Index Microsite by Amina Brown

Addiction recovery has traditionally been quantified by counting days of sobriety. This project is focused on showcasing a new measure being introduced to the addiction recovery community that assesses the holistic version of an individual’s path out of addiction. A large part of the challenge in this visualization was showing how the various indicators combine to drive the overall score. Because of this, we were able to spend time experimenting with new visualization techniques. This task, combined with the client’s desire to maintain the importance of the unique path that each individual takes through this journey, necessitated the creation of an interactive force visualization where several forces were in play at once to create groups and sub-groups. The multiple forces, combined with transition sub-groupings, allow the viewer to see the indicator scores first grouped by individual before being separated into groups based on the indicator type. The exploratory nature of this visualization is aimed at highlighting the recovery health of various communities, meaning that there is importance of seeing both these views without one compromising the other. The other tool in the force diagram view is the slider, which shows how individuals progress over time and their changes in score. With addiction recovery providers being the primary audience, the variety of selectors allow them to gauge how well they are treating their community and which areas they could focus more on. Ultimately, our goal was to help our client introduce a new way of not just viewing recovery data, but also why the new recovery measure is important to individuals and providers alike.