Sugar quiz: How much sugar is in our food? by ABC News Digital Storytelling team

The obesity epidemic plaguing much of the developed (and developing) world has long been blamed on excess fat consumption, but recently sugar has emerged as the more likely culprit.

This piece sought to inform and engage the audience by testing their knowledge of how much hidden sugar is lurking in everyday foods.

The ABC News team started with the central question: "The World Health Organisation wants us to limit our sugar intake to six teaspoons (25 grams) a day, but do you know how much of it is hiding in some of our most popular groceries?"

They came up with a purpose-built quiz format to present scientific information in a fun, engaging way.

Behind the light-hearted, user-friendly interface and bespoke photography were weeks of painstaking research and analysis, ensuring the information was scientifically sound.

The audience was given a score as they moved through the quiz, and then given more context and explanation to inform their food choices and help create a healthier population.

About the team
The ABC News Digital Storytelling team uses the skills of journalists, developers and designers to tell stories that matter in ways that help people understand the news.