What's in a name?

Discover which names dip in and out of fashion and which stand the test of time with Nadieh Bremer’s data visualization, Babynames.

The viz charts the changing popularity of 130 of the most popular US baby names names, stretched out over a 135-year timeline. 

Narrow your search to a specific name or time period, compare the rate of change between boys and girls’ names, or jump straight to Nadieh’s own insights.

For example, Emma is the only name to have two distinct periods of popularity: one in the 19th century and the other in the 21st. 

Nadieh scraped data from the US Social Security Administration. She also made a Dutch version, using data from Netwerk Naamkunde.

Nadieh is a data scientist for Deloitte Consulting and self-taught data visualization designer. For more examples of her work, check out her blog, Visual Cinnamon.

Posted in Inspiration — almost 8 years ago