Deadline to nominate extended to Oct 17th

You still have time to nominate someone or their work to be considered for 3 Special Awards. This is your chance to recognize a tool that changed how you work, someone who made a significant mark in your community, or a book that made an impact on you. Submit your nomination by Oct 17, it's free to nominate. 

Test of Time
There are no media limitations as to what can qualify for the test of time as long as it has a proven connection to and impact on the field of data visualization. The one constraint is that the item itself must be a piece of work (not an individual), but must have a clear person or persons who can be named as the originators of the work for the purpose of recognizing the original creators. Examples of types of works that one could nominate for the award:

  • new chart type or design approach
  • visualization library
  • visualization tool (digital/tech or analog)
  • academic paper, book, other article, project/visualization

Impactful Community Leader
The Impactful Community Leader award recognizes an individual who has made a significant mark on the data visualization industry and community at large, with an emphasis on contributions made to the field from 2019-2022.

Exemplary Book
The Exemplary Book Award is designed to recognize a critical piece of long format writing published in the eligibility period (2019 - 2022), with the definition of ‘book’ being left quite wide. A book, for the purpose of this Award, may be a formally published manuscript (with a publisher or self-published), an eBook, a coffee table/art book, a comic, or any other text-based long form publication that features data visualization prominently. 


Questions? Learn more about these Special Awards on our website. Refer to our updated FAQs page for more information about the Awards. 

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