Updated Awards Categories and Special Awards

At the 2022 Outlier conference, the Data Visualization Society (DVS) shared exciting news: the Information is Beautiful Awards which return this year after a two year hiatus, now hosted by DVS.

The Awards have been a beacon of data visualization excellence since 2012, showcasing exceptional work across our field over eight awards seasons. As an organization, DVS seeks to nurture our community, celebrate excellence in data visualization, and advance our industry. The IIB Awards connect back to all three of those core values that underpin our mission.

With the return of the Awards managed by DVS, we’ve worked to center our community and feedback from data visualization practitioners around the world to continue to build towards an even more inclusive and exciting IIB Awards program.

We’re excited to bring back many of the categories folks know and love - like Unusual visualizations and the Rising Star Award - and to add new categories with the goal that any data visualization practitioner can see an opportunity to submit their work for consideration for an award. The categories that will open for submissions in August are listed below.


Returning Categories

Arts, Entertainment & Culture

People, Language & Identity


Leisure, Games & Sport



Updated Categories (evolved from past IIB Awards Categories)

Current Affairs & Politics (previously News & Current Affairs and Politics)

Places, Spaces & Environment (previously Maps, Places & Spaces)

Science, Technology & Health (previously Science & Technology)


New Categories

Business Analytics

2022 Special Category: COVID-19 (the annual special category will be updated each year to reflex a major theme or topic widely visualized during the submission period)


Special Awards

Most Beautiful Award

Community Vote

Outstanding Studio

Impressive Individual

(new) Impactful Community Leader - recognizing a data viz leader focused on community engagement and knowledge sharing, rather than solely on design contributions

Rising Star

(new) Exemplary Book - recognizing a book published during the submission period

(new) Test of Time - recognizing work from 10 years prior that has shaped our field of practice


What’s next

If you’re considering submitting your work, we expect you have more questions on what is eligible for consideration, how to submit, and what any associated fees or requirements are. While there will be more detailed information to come, here are the top-line details so you can start brainstorming what you’ll submit for consideration:

  • Any data visualizations published between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2022 are eligible for submission. That’s a much longer window than past Awards seasons, but we want to recognize and showcase the excellence in our field during the years when the Awards were on pause!
  • Submission fees will be required for agencies and commissioned work, with discounted fees for nonprofits and organizations from LMICs and free entry options for independent creators or students submitting non-commissioned work. Details about the fees are included in the submission form..
  • Select Special Awards will have options for you to nominate others for their leadership or designs. Think about who has influenced you over the past nearly three years, and consider honoring them with a nomination. More information to come in mid-September regarding nominations!
  • Winners will receive cash prizes!

DVS members can watch your inbox and DVS social channels for more announcements about submissions, judging criteria, and the big event in the coming weeks!


Photo credit: Rachel Joy Otterway

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