The Winners: Special Awards

These prizes were established to honor the students, prolific individuals, non-English outfits, and other notable people whose work received top votes in this year's Awards.




JOINT WINNER: 30° by Stephan Schakulat, Mathias Foot, Janna Nikoleit & Franziska Rast

Marine data displayed as an immersive installation - like taking a dip in the ocean.



JOINT WINNER: Shifting Gears: Visualizing Cycle Rides by Hardik Chandrahas

Visualizing the life of one individual, through his daily cycle rides.


Most Beautiful


Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration 1790-2016 by Pedro M Cruz & team with Northeastern University & National Geographic

Each era of U.S. immigration imagined as a ring in a growing tree trunk.


Non-English Language


Satellites: 60 Years in Orbit by Rossiya Segodnya

Commemorating 60 years of space exploration with an interactive 3D map of every artificial satellite of our planet.


Community Vote


Historia de Zainab by Visualizar

This comic shows the exodus of Zainab and her family who, like another 11 million people, have been forced to leave their home since the war in Syria began.


Impressive Individual


Lena Groeger: What Happened to all the jobs Trump promised? - alongside a large body of work for ProPublica and other publications. 


Rising Star


Roni Levit with Physical Diagram - Interventions In Public Space

Tel Aviv's business district transformed into a tangible, sculptural dataviz, using coloured tiles, stairs and other physical city elements.


Outstanding Outfit


Reuters Graphics Team, for multiple high-ranking entries including Mass Exodus


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