What makes for a show-stopping piece of infodesign?

The 2018 Information is Beautiful Awards Shortlist is now live.

Now it's time for our panel of expert judges and YOU, the dataviz-loving public, to decide the winners.

Before you vote for your favourites, consider what our judges look out for in a successful data visualization or infographic:



  • Is it interesting? Is the idea thought-provoking? Topical? Funny? Good story well told?
  • Is it accurate? Consistent data? Reliable research? Clever methodology?
  • Is it useful? Does it work well? Good information flow? Does it deepen understanding?
  • Is it beautiful? Does design serve subject matter? Is it elegant? Clear? Distinctive?


  • "Je ne sais quoi": Originality, unexpected twists, creative flair, new angle on old subject
  • Red flags: Anything too technical, or succeeds on only one or two dimensions

To see how these elements work together, hop over to Information is Beautiful founder David McCandless's What Makes a Good Visualization 


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