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Our judging stars, in brief

Kim Albrecht | Germany | Visual researcher & information designer at metaLAB at Harvard

Richard Beadle | United Kingdom | Musical Director, Hamilton 

Nadieh Bremer | Netherlands | Freelancing data visualization designer under the name Visual Cinnamon

Alberto Cairo | United States | Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami

Naomi Wallace | United States | Obie Award-winning playwright & Macarthur Fellow

Jerome Cukier | United States | Senior software engineer on Uber’s visualization team

Valentina D'Efilippo | United Kingdom | Designer, illustrator, & creative director

Jennifer Daniel | United States | Co-author of The Origin of (almost) Everything

Paola Dada | Mexico | Interpreter, Bitacora Social

Jan Diehm | United States | Visual essay designer at The Pudding 

Kennedy Elliott | United States | Senior graphics editor, National Geographic

Alissa Scheller | United States | Data Visualization Designer, Washington DC

Feng Wang | China | Editor in Chief, Financial Times China

Thu-Huong Ha | United States | Books & culture reporter for Quartz

Anna Powell Smith | United Kingdom | CPO, Flourish

Neil Halloran | United States | Data visualizer & documentary film-maker

Usman Haque | United Kingdom | Founding partner & Creative Director at Umbrellium

Nigel Hawtin | United Kingdom | Information designer & illustrator at

Zhimin Huang | China | CEO & founder of Dataworks

Mona Chalabi | United States | Data Editor, The Guardian

Katlego Kai Kolanyane-Kesupile | Botswana | Performance artist, musician, writer and human rights advocate

Adam Krebs | United States | Data Visualization designer, Uber US

Bronwen Robertson | United Kingdom | Director of Research & Innovation, Small Media Foundation

Santiago Ortiz | United States | Head of Moebio Labs

Jen Christiansen | United States | Senior Graphics Editor, Scientific American

Stefanie Posavek | United Kingdom | Designer & artist

Paolo Ciccuarelli | Italy | Associate professor at Politecnico di Milano, founder & scientific director at DensityDesign Research Lab 

Miriam Quick | United Kingdom | Data journalist

Simon Kuestenmacher | Australia | Director of Research, The Demographics Group

Robert Palmer | United Kingdom | Executive Director, Tax Justice UK

Kim Rees | United States | Head of Data Experience Design, Capital One

Lisa Charlotte Rost | Germany | Blogger at Datawrapper & organizer of Data Vis Book Club

Frederik Ruys | Netherlands | Information Designer at Vizualism & lecturer in Visual Storytelling

Karin Schwandt | Netherlands | Information Designer & founder at Schwandt Information Design

Jennifer Doyle | United States | Associate Professor of English, University of California Riverside

Max Galka | United States | Founder, Metrocosm

Alan Smith | United Kingdom |  Data visualization editor, Financial Times

Moritz Stefaner | Germany | Independent designer, consultant and researcher & Truth & Beauty operator

Elizabeth Varley | United Kingdom | Founder and CEO of TechHub

Jan Willem Tulp | Netherlands | Founder of TULP Interactive

John L Walters | United Kingdom | Editor, musician, critic and composer. Co-owner/managing editor of Eye Magazine

Laura Kurgan | United States | Associate Professor of Architecture, Columbia University

Will Beckett | United Kingdom | Co-Founder, Hawksmoor Restaurants

Emma Whitehead | United Kingdom | Creative Director, Kantar

Shirley Wu | United States | Software engineer & data visualization creator

Leng Montgomery | United Kingdom | Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Sainsburys

Aleksey Novichkov | Russia | Head of TASS infographics studio & National Research University Higher School of Economics teacher


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