The categories: Environments & maps

2017's new category – ENVIRONMENTS & MAPS – includes pieces on the natural & built environment, plus any map that doesn't fit into other categories. 

Here's a roundup of all the Award-winning data visualizations & infographics in this area 2012-2016.



The Antimap by Trent Brooks



New York City carbon emissions by Adam Nieman



London Squared Map: Making the City Easier to Read by After The Flood

How Many Trees Are There in the World? by Jan Willem Tulp

What's across the Ocean from You When You're at the Beach, in 7 Fascinating Maps by Weiyi (Dawn) Cai and Ana Swanson

Visualisation of Global Weather Conditions by Cameron Beccario



Atlas de México by Universidad de Monterrey by Kiln

Terre Urbaine by BiG

Project Ukko - Seasonal Wind Predictions for the Energy Sector by Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment


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