Food Poisoning



Now the hubbub of the 2014 Awards has died down we thought it was high time we ran another Mini-Challenge.

This one’s all about food poisoning - most deadly cuisines, most commonly infected food types, alongside the major pathogens behind most toilet burn.

What patterns, connections and trends can you find? Which cuisine is behind most cases – British? Italian? Indian? Is rice worse than eggs? Beef more problematic than bacon? Is storing food too long worse than poor hand hygiene? And what’s the most lethal combination?

We're offering the usual range of cash prizes for shortlisted entries.

Don’t forget - non-designers can also submit hand-drawn entries for our patented ‘napkin’ category.

Good luck. Now dazzle us with data viz.

The categories & prizes


  • Static visualization
  • Interactive visualization
  • Napkin

Static visualization winner: $1,000

Static visualization runner-up: $500

Interactive visualization winner: $2,000

Interactive visualization runner-up: $500

Napkin winner: $500

Napkin runner-up: $250

The Data

Deadline for entries is 12pm GMT, Monday 2 February 2015.

  • Our advice would be:

    • Is there a way to plot all this data in one display?
    • But don't overwhelm the viz with too much information & data
    • Maybe there’s one story or just one-data worth focussing on?
    • What intrigues you the most? Use the filter of your interest and variety to decide what to include
    • Research around the subject and include other data if you like
    • But make sure it's well-sourced
    • Remember to wash your hands!

    Some rules

    • You'll get a confirmation we've received your entry but no other correspondence until we announce the winners. Sorry!
    • Only one entry per person / team please
    • You can enter the just one category:  static viz,  interactive viz OR napkin
    • Entries can be in any language
    • Enties must include the data link:
    • Entries must mention 'The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards' somewhere
    • Entries received after the closing date & time will not be counted in the competition
    • All copyright remains your own, but by entering you give us permission to publish your work on our informationisbeautiful family of websites