We host regular visualization Challenges to keep your dataviz juices flowing throughout the year. Challenges are open to everyone and anyone. Have a look here at the previous challenge winners.

How Challenges work

We give you a concept or a dataset. You just supply your creativity. Shortlisted entries get featured on the site. The cash prizes are awesome. The fame dazzling.

BUT best of all, you don't need to be able to design to win one of our challenges. You can enter the Napkin Challenge. No snazzy software needed. No design degree. Just your brain, some paper and a pencil.

The Napkin Challenge

The design challenges here are a little different. You don’t have to be able to design!


We have two streams of entry for our competitions. One stream is for full, nice, shiny, multicoloured designs. The other is for sketches, scamps, proofs-of-concepts and hand-drawn or computer-drawn schematics. On the back of napkins, if you like. There are cash prizes for both.


We don’t believe information design and visualisation is completely a design form. We believe it’s also a form of journalism, story-telling & conceptualising.

Many people lack the skills (and expensive software) to create a glossy infographic.

We want as many people to contribute as possible. That’s why we allow and reward ‘napkin entries’.