Trendviz by CLEVER°FRANKE, AI-applied

The increasing amount of data overloading us on a daily basis requires us to be more selective in how we divide our attention. Being able to quickly assess what information is relevant to you personally is of crucial importance. New visualization techniques and technology is able to assist us in this process.

TrendViz, initiated by CLEVER°FRANKE, creates (visual) summaries. It scans, filters and analyzes content, focusing attention only on what is most relevant. Complex and intelligent self-learning algorithms drive the technical core of TrendViz. However, the design is fully centered on the end-user. It allows people to quickly get an overview of large volumes of data, and keeps users up-to-date with important trends as they emerge in the news. At the same time, it offers a deep-dive into the original sources of information for further investigation.

With this tool online news articles are visualized in an intuitive way by presenting patterns, relations and tone-of-voice relevant to you. It shows important trending topics within large volume news sources, guided by a custom set of keywords concerning brand, organisation, market or any other topic of interest.