DeathTolls Experience by Ali Eslami

We have trouble understanding and accepting mass deaths . For example, numbers like 1; 2; 14; 20; 50, are all quantities that we encounter quite frequently and therefore we’re able to rationalize them with a representative mind model. But then we get to numbers like 1,000; 10,000; 20,000. These numbers become increasingly difficult to conceptualize.

But we can still grasp the general meaning of such numbers using visual models of large scale things we encounter often in our little realities.

The creator's main purpose of designing this “DeathTolls Experience” is to visualize the exact number of dead bodies in a particular event, so the user can face them all at once. Although it is based on facts and statistics, this is not a passive, unemotive experience. The death tolls are marked and the bodycount is visible.

The artist aims to gain investment to create a VR app to make the data experience more immersive .

View demo video.