Network Effect by Jonathan Harris, Greg Hochmuth

Drawing on 10,000 videos from the internet, Network Effect explores the psychological impact of Internet use on humanity. The project contains 10,000 video clips, 10,000 spoken sentences, news, tweets, charts, graphs, lists, and millions of individual data points, all presented in a classically-designed data visualization environment. To see and hear it all would take hours, but the viewing window is limited to around seven minutes (according to the average life expectancy in the viewer’s country), which induces a state of anxiety, triggers a fear of missing out, and totally frustrates any attempt at completeness. Jonathan Harris and Greg Hochmuth used members of the public working on Amazon Mechanical Turk to identify one second video clips of people performing actions (eg "swim", "open", "chew") and matched those against code that searches tweets and Google News stories around those words. Users can investigate data about all these types of activity...until seven or so minutes elapses and the user's access is blocked.