Nutritional Label by Justin Reed, Aimee Schneider, Russell Schaeffer

ghg worked with Save the Children to communicate the impact and prevalence of child malnutrition around the world, particularly in developing nations. As a leading non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children in need around the world, Save the Children's goal was to raise awareness and consciousness in G-8 nations of the severity of the problem. The campaign was designed to boldly capture the attention of world leaders and the general public and visually communicate the impact of malnutrition on a child's physical and mental development. By showing the data in the familiar food nutrition label format, the viewer was better able to see how the lack of basic nutrition in one country contributes to life-threatening disease and child death, especially when compared to the data the American reader usually sees in a food nutrition label. The infographic was featured on Save the Children's website and social media sites and challenged viewers to compare this food label with a food label of their next meal. The infographic was shared broadly by viewers. It drove awareness as a call to action to make sure all children around the world have access to the healthy foods they need to survive, grow and thrive.

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