Perfect Laundry Day by Parsons School of Design

'Perfect Laundry Day' was created as part of my master's graduate thesis project at Parsons School of Design (class of 2023) This project aims to deliver a sustainable and attainable solution that prolongs the garment lifecycle and ultimately reduces garment waste from the laundry process.

According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2018 alone, we disposed of 17 mil tons of garments and 60% goes into the landfill. In that year, it is 11.3 mil tons or about 12 trillion clothing items. Due to the lack of care or knowledge, modern consumers tend to accelerate the life cycle of garments, resulting in an increasing amount of textiles in landfill.

By providing clearer and more comprehensive information about fabric care, we can increase awareness about sustainable laundry practices and encourage more people to adopt them. Ultimately, the redesign and reform of laundry care communication will promote greater efficiency, convenience, and sustainability in the laundry process.

Additional to the visual essay, users are also provided with a web app, designed to personalize care guides on how to prolong the lifecycle of their clothes based on the type of garment.