Am I close to my 1st degree connections? by National Institute of Design, Bengaluru Campus

The following project came out as a practice outcome of one of the modules in my ongoing masters degree. The brief was to essentially explore any kind of relationship and visualize it on a A3 poster format.

After looking for inspirations of what type of relationships I should visualize, it dawned upon me "Why not map my friend circle?".
So I sat down putting the list of all my friends that I met in different cities I have lived in, on an excel sheet and mapping who I met first and who I met through somebody else.
The colors map who I am close to right now and who I lost touch with.
While analyzing the data I realized how important networking has been in my life and how I am in the process of blooming with my growing network of people, irrespective of being in touch or not. The visualization is loosely based on the metaphor of blooming.

And with growing network, blooms your knowledge too.