Digital Ads Performance Dashboard by Seoyeon Jun

This dashboard compares the performance of various advertising channels with the aim of determining which channels have effectively contributed to actual business results. It empowers you to gather insights from different advertising channels, compare their effectiveness, and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategies.

Color-coded bar KPIs not only allow you to assess ratios but also provide absolute values, offering a comprehensive context for data analysis.

The Funnel chart displays Metrics for Acquisition, Installation, Sign-up, and Purchase, arranged sequentially from top to bottom. The left section showcases Cost Metrics, the middle section tracks Event Counts, and the right section signifies Conversion Rates.

In the Table View, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Cost per Sale (CPS), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) offer a holistic insight into campaign performance. While ROAS assesses revenue against costs, the inclusion of CTR helps gauge the appeal of creative materials, and CPS sheds light on the overall cost efficiency of achieving sales. By examining these metrics together, you can make informed decisions about your advertising strategies