100 days journey by Salvatore Baglieri

Onboarding is the process of introducing newly hired employees to our organization's expectations, behaviours, and culture. COVID-19 has permanently altered how we work, and consequently, it has entirely changed how we onboard our new employees. Firstly, we don't have a choice in the matter. Onboarding changed out of necessity! Secondly, we had to learn how to adapt to numerous changes. But employee onboarding is not simply employee orientation. Nor is it a disappointing hands-off transaction or an arduous day trapped in a stuffy room, completing the dreaded but necessary paperwork. Onboarding is so much more than the sum of its parts! The cornerstone of great onboarding is simple: it continues long after Day 1 and never ends unless there's internal movement. At Getronics, we chose to reorganize and modernize the Onboarding process. Also, we wanted to ensure that new employees are not sitting at home alone wondering how they will fill their first few weeks of work.
To create a better workplace, we delved into our People Services transformation journey and re‑designed it. Our New Hire Onboarding experience is now to provide a better employee experience and support rapid growth, building a seamless onboarding platform to be the optimal solution. Also, our new hires will not accept mediocre onboarding anymore. Therefore at Getronics, we digitized the onboarding with innovative technology. Our Global Capability Team has developed a comprehensive set of onboarding best practices. These principles are integrated into our onboarding program, which begins before Day 1 and continues throughout the team member's experience. So, 30 days before a new starter joins and reports, our onboarding platform shares the steps, tasks, and forms for the new hires to work with at their own pace, giving them a clear understanding of expectations so they can best prepare. A personal welcome note from the Getronics' Leadership team is delivered moments after the new hire accepts the offer. It is always one of our top priorities to make new hires feel like part of the team right from the get-go! Our goal is to enable our new starters to feel empowered and informed, relieving 'Day 1 panic'. This data visualization explains how onboarding has impacted the organization.