Event Experience Dashboard by Alex Kolokolov and Maksim Godovykh

The Event Experience Dashboard is a comprehensive visualization of data-focused key metrics for event experience, presented on a well-organized, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface.

The currently applied tools do not account for the complex multidimensional nature of event experience and fail to analyze the cause-and-effect relationships between different components of event experience, event satisfaction, and attendees’ behavioral intentions.

The Event Experience Dashboard aims to monitor multiple dimensions of the event experience and analyze their effects on attendees’ satisfaction and loyalty. This interactive visualization tool also makes it possible to drill down and filter various metrics that influence event effectiveness, enabling data to be viewed from different perspectives and analyzing the effects of different factors on event outcomes.
The dashboard is developed based on five years of event experience research conducted by Dr. Maksim Godovykh and collaborators at the University of Central Florida and has been pretested using the real data collected from 5082 event attendees in the US. Additionally, the dashboard employs AI-powered natural language processing to automate the analysis of attendees' sentiments toward the event.

At the top of the main page, three main indicators are featured: customer experience, event satisfaction, and event loyalty, each encompassing three measurement items. This basic model illustrates the cause-and-effect relationships between event experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.
In the center of the page, an interactive "balance wheel" has been specially designed to represent multiple components of event experience and loyalty. This unique approach facilitates the analysis of the effects of each dimension on event outcomes without overwhelming users with extensive drilling-down tables.

On the left side, an array of interactive visual filters showcases a profile of event attendees, designed as traditional bar charts for easy touchscreen interaction. The primary purposes of attendees' visits are visualized on the right side of the main page, allowing for an analysis of the degree to which attendees’ goals have been achieved.
Feedback from attendees is presented on a separate page of the dashboard. An AI-driven solution aids in distinguishing and analyzing positive and negative sentiments towards specific aspects of the event, which can also be categorized according to various sociodemographic and attendee characteristics.

The interactive Event Experience Dashboard is an innovative, user-friendly, and visually appealing tool that will help event stakeholders make well-informed data-driven business decision