Multi Product Users Dashboard by Varun Jain

In a business with several product offerings, it is an interesting use case to discover what product combinations are the most popular, and which products drive the usage of others alongside with them. These insights can be used to design product bundles, figure out optimal product placements and sales & discounts.

This dashboard explores the usage of different combinations of products for a company with majorly 5 product categories. It uses a waffle chart to make the information and product combinations more digestible to follow and employs important UX principles to make the dashboard extremely user-friendly, while also being visually appealing and filled with crucial insights.
The leftmost portion of the dashboard presents the top-level KPIs focused on active users and multi-product usage. the remaining sections explore the multi-product usage in multiple forms, culminating in looking into all possible combinations of each product. The design keeps the information clean and manageable, while also packing important insights.