Population In India by Saumya Mittal

The need for population projection in India at various levels and by different components like age, sex, rural-urban, etc., for use by the official agencies across the board, both at the center and

the states, was keenly felt in 1958 on the eve of the formulation of the Third Five Year Plan. From time to time, the official level projections of the country’s population also became necessary for planning purposes.


Being the second most populous country in the world, the size and growth of India’s population have remained a matter of great interest not only to India but to the outside world also.

Different population projections at the country level are made by the government, and national and international agencies from time to time. In addition, individual demographers make their own projections for the country as a whole and, sometimes, at the sub-national level also.

The booklet visualises some key points regarding the nature of population growth in India.