What Do People Ask Most About Relationships In China? by ThePaper.cn / Sixth Tone

For this year QiXi Festival, the Chinese Valentine's Day, we wanted to see what young Chinese are curious about when it comes to love. We collected 1139 questions from Zhihu, the largest online Q&A community site in China.

The original data is quite text-heavy, but to save our readers trouble from consuming overwhelming text content, we decided to create a main visualization to show the whole picture. On the visualization, we categorized all the questions into 11 types: why, when, how is, what is, will it, etc. The display of each type mimics a flower, which is a symbol of love under most conditions. Then, we highlight some high-frequency words on the pistils, like breaking up, find, pursue, judge, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Readers can click each pistil to see what commonly asked questions are related to the keywords.

After that, we analyzed the data from three perspectives: what questions about love do people ask most, what most popular answers are talking about, and what we can tell from the timing of answering and asking the questions. In addition to infographic charts, we also create some illustrations to make the layout more love-ly.