Google Analytics 4 Swift by Playfair Data

The GA4 Swift from Playfair Data addresses the challenge faced by organizations this year following the introduction of Google Analytics 4 ("GA4"). In GA4, reporting is now organized around “events” and business objectives, which may initially confuse users. However, the GA4 Swift eliminates this confusion by presenting a consolidated and user-friendly dashboard. This consolidation allows for effortless viewing of website performance at a glance, choosing critical performance indicators on the fly, and even creating multiple visualizations and customizations with the click of a button.

The dashboard includes a dynamic Page Analysis section enabling users to track high-performing web pages, facilitating insights into page functionality and adoption. As most businesses have an overwhelming number of web pages to maintain, this dashboard leverages a Pareto chart to display which pages are providing 80% of traffic, providing a preview of the page directly on the dashboard with a single click.

Customizable actions enable users to define critical metrics and KPIs for their organization and choose from various visualization options, such as line graphs, waterfall charts, bar charts, and scatter plots. This flexibility mirrors GA4's ability to set custom business objectives, but takes it a step further by ensuring users have access to the latest analytics pertaining not only to their goals but to their specified metrics, empowering them with actionable, data-driven insights into their site performance.

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