Atlas by Playfair Data

Atlas is a data visualization catalog inspired by the groundbreaking work of William Playfair and his "The Commercial and Political Atlas," published in 1786. While chart catalogs aren't new, what sets Atlas apart is: (1) expert instructions are provided on how to create every visualization, and (2) users can easily plug in their own data to create their own visualization.

All charts can be downloaded as templates, enabling users to integrate them seamlessly into their projects. From traditional bar charts and line graphs to sophisticated box-and-whisker plots and Pareto charts, each chart comes with use-case insights and tutorials, enabling users to understand how to apply specific charts to their real-world scenarios effectively.

In addition to the customizable visualizations, Atlas empowers users with knowledge of each visualization by providing a library of educational resources and content linked within the tool. Offering examples, and video and written tutorials, Atlas provides users with an avenue to proficiency in the engineering and visualization of data.

The Playfair Data team behind Atlas regularly introduces new chart types and methodologies to the growing catalog of visual analytics tools. These data visualization inventions have included the Pilula (a.k.a. Dr. Mario) chart, Leapfrog chart, and the Polygon Scatter Plot. Consistent new additions to Atlas will ensure users will always have access to the latest and most effective ways to uncover insights from their data.

Atlas offers a wide range of data visualizations, educational resources, and innovative approaches to almost any use case. With the growing library of charts from Atlas from Playfair Data, beginners and experienced visual analytics practitioners alike can unlock valuable insights from their data to make informed decisions.

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