The Best Board Game To Try Next by Paul Ross

There are so many great board games out there! And the good news is that they can all be found at (BGG). But with more than half of the BGG Top 200 released in just the last eight years, how will you find the best board game to try next?

BGG game ratings are voted by fans. However, the Top 20 by BGG Rating is a serious list of serious games, which might not be the most fun for your next games night. Alternatively, the Top 20 by BGG Votes is a lighter list of older games, some of which might not have stood the test of time.

So which road to take? Well, by sliding down the snakes to follow the dice, you will discover a new path that identifies a delightful group of games. This stellar collection includes a something-for-everybody mix of both family and strategy games, with one recent release flying high above the rest.

See a game that look interesting? Just click on its tooltip to dive deeper on BGG. Thanks for playing!

Background: I used Tableau Public for visualization, SQL Server for ETL, and Power BI to both scrape data from the BGG website and request data from the BGG API. This was my qualifier entry for the 2023 Tableau Iron Viz Championship, which was selected as one of the three global finalists (and Asia Pacific winner).

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