Football legend Pele’s greatest achievements by Victor Sanjinez

Without a doubt, Pele was an icon in popular culture around the world. After his death, our team started to collect interesting data about his life, the goal was to describe the 3 most relevant stages of his career (in the three world cups where he was the main star).
The research stage was intense but fascinating at the same time, due to the number of old magazines, videos, and analyses we needed to check before explaining the secrets behind the most outstanding tricks and techniques used by the football player.
We decided to include some quotes and opinions that the most renowned footballers had about his fast and fluid style that revolutionized football and captivated players and fans alike. We also include what famous figures, such as politicians, artists, and musicians, among others, said about him.
For this graph, a cartoon illustration style was used, to depict gestures and movements that Pele performed to score or to elude rivals, the illustration's color palette is limited, and the movements are highlighted by the use of brighter colors.
He also recreated some of his notable plays or tricks with the ball, a skill that brought him fame as the best footballer of all time. Using hard data, a comparison was made about his journey throughout his life, against the Two other great footballers, these are Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.
A timeline shows the 3 football stars at different stages of their lives, where is possible to compare their achievements during their careers.