My project represents a unique intersection of art, technology, and social consciousness. By transforming abstract economic and social data into a physical installation, I have created an immersive experience that visualizes the relationship between money, greed, and environmental impact. Utilizing microcontrollers, motors, and algorithms, the project offers a dynamic interpretation of UK financial trends, housing prices, and cost of living over time.

The process began with a rigorous analysis of data, followed by the development of a tailored algorithm to map these numerical values into a visual language. This algorithmic translation was coupled with a carefully designed mechanical system, involving metal structures that undergo controlled corrosion to represent the data points. By employing techniques from my background in metal sculpture, I connected traditional artistry with innovative technology, creating a series of abstract data visualizations.

The ideation phase was inspired by the current global dialogues around economics, environment, and the paradoxes of modern life. The choice of using corrosion as a visual metaphor adds a layer of commentary on the impermanence and fragility of human constructs. The result is not merely a beautiful piece of art but a statement that challenges our perspectives and encourages us to engage with complex global issues in a new way.

By submitting to the Information is Beautiful Awards, I aim to showcase how technology and creativity can come together to make information not just comprehensible but also aesthetically profound. This project exemplifies my commitment to pushing the boundaries of data visualization and engaging audiences in meaningful conversations about our world.