Traditional Chinese Color Libraries Browser by Zhejiang University

Traditional colors carry rich cultural genes, and traditional color libraries can connect design creativity with national aesthetic standards. However, the current online color libraries need help to stimulate designers' aesthetics and passion for traditional colors. This work uses data visualization techniques to redesign a traditional Chinese color libraries browser. The design principle is to ensure that it has the same function as the existing color libraries browsers. From the data, interface to interaction is based on traditional Chinese aesthetics. "Elegance" has been one of the genes of Chinese culture since ancient times, and the aesthetic realm of "falling flowers and swimming fish" is one of the outstanding representatives. We used the traditional Chinese image of "swimming fish" to represent the color data and then selected the colors that best represent the three traditional Chinese aesthetic senses of nature, opulence and poetry, namely, seasonal colors, ancient painting colors and poetry colors. At the same time, our design relied on the design principles of InfoVis and HCI. In our color libraries browser, users can select the color value on the fish by clicking on it with the mouse and then copy it to the design software to complete the color filling. This work can provide a design tool for Chinese cultural communication and has positive significance for forming national ontological aesthetic standards.