Percent of Total Outbreaks For Food Type by Hazel Maria Bala

I chose the dataset 'Percentage of Total Outbreaks for Food Type' because it was the most relatable. The categorization of information is something anyone would be interested in seeing broken down by Food Type vs National Cuisine Type.

In terms of the design, I took inspiration from bacteria growing in petri dishes. The way bacteria formed could be pretty as memory serves from High School science experiments on E.coli. I've also researched bacteria art and I was pleasantly surprised that there's work being done (see Antoine Bridier-Nahmias', 'Gross Yet Beautiful').

The challenge was then to take the dataset and make the national cuisine type look like the different bacteria that cause outbreaks. I used different colours to differentiate the cuisine types and different sizes to reflect the percentage value.

With this method, the audience can easily discern which cuisine types has most of the outbreaks: Chinese cuisine has the highest, while British, Indian, Italian and Other Cuisines are tied.