Is Beyonce Secretly A Rapper by Two-N

There is no arguing that Beyoncé is a wildly accomplished singer, songwriter and performer. She's got a hoard of Grammys to prove it, and a hive-full of fans who rightfully adore her. But would you consider her a rapper? I jokingly told a friend that Beyoncé was my favorite rapper and I was met with a strong side eye. Which got me thinking: why doesn't Beyoncé get credit for rapping? As a long-time Beyoncé fan, I felt uniquely qualified to point out how she has tiptoed into the genre over the course of her career. But since we live in a society that likes evidence, I decided to formally investigate the following questions by listening to her entire body of work. You know, hard-core data science?

Is Beyoncé a (low-key) rapper?
Is her rap music more or less popular?
Here's what I found.