How the Indonesia stadium disaster unfolded by Marcelo Duhalde

Our first reaction to the Indonesian Kanjuruhan Stadium Disaster as a team was a locator map with some simple references, after a few days I decided to go further by using good image sources and information about the event, as more information was available in the week after the football match.
My plan from the beginning was to show the full stadium in a static view and using a timeline of events, some features or highlights were added to show the development of the tragic events of that night.
Luckily I found very good sources to have a complete perspective of the place and the surrounding area using google street view, but the most useful was a very fresh Drone view video, from Raja Drone ID. it is a 15-minute-long recording of the best angles of the empty stadium under daylight. This element helped me to build the main image, and with the references coming from different Indonesian outlets, the story was completed in a few days. A side view of the stands, describing how small and precarious is the safety and emergency exit, completes the scene in this story. A simple top view of the place is complemented with images from the aftermath, showing the destruction in the interior and outside the precinct
To give more references, I decided to include other historical stadium catastrophes.
The infographic reaction facing breaking news always needs a few days to have a better perspective and more accurate data in order to deliver a proper visual story.