Hit local films at Hong Kong’s box office by Marcelo Duhalde

This infographic is an experimental blend of movie box office data and artistic design. Its purpose is to serve as both an informative visual representation of statistics and a captivating poster. By combining data and aesthetics, this piece aims to engage the audience's imagination, inviting them to explore the information.
Each box in this graphic symbolises a movie showcased in Hong Kong theatres. The long bars serve a dual purpose, acting as both a stack of columns and a metaphorical "movie stage" representing the industry's constant ups and downs. Notably, the illustrations within the graphic coherent with the height of the bars, subtly reflecting the narrative. For instance, the stuntman positioned in the top right depicts the fall from the peak of 2019 to 2021, mirroring the dramatic drop in box office revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
The local film industry in Hong Kong has been severely impacted in the past few years by the pandemic. It has always faced significant challenges in its attempts to regain the international prominence and box office success it enjoyed during the 1980s. Intense competition from Hollywood and the emergence of movies from other Asian countries have added to the industry's struggles. However, the success of several Hong Kong films in 2022 has ignited hopes for a potential recovery, signaling a glimmer of optimism for the city's lackluster movie industry. This infographic poster aims to reflect the evolving landscape and the potential for revitalization.
The movie industry is often referred to as the "dream factory." The illustration highlights the role of the film industry in creating and bringing dreams, fantasies, and stories to life through movies. It emphasizes the imaginative and transformative nature of filmmaking, where dreams and ideas are turned into visual experiences for the reader.