O livro da cerveja - The beer book by Laboota

Beer is the most popular drink in Brazil. Its importance has grown more and more in the past few years and there has been a boom of new craft and industrial labels. This growing plurality reinforces what many already know: the world of beer is rich, full of complexities, aromas, flavors, and curiosities. Due to this new market demand, “The Beer Book” was created.

The objective was to create an entirely visual guide to the world of beer to compile informative content about the drink, in an easy and practical way, using the most diverse visual resources such as diagrams, infographics, and illustrations, in addition to an engaging and interesting narrative for every target audience: from beginners or curious to the beer aficionado.

The range of information goes from the history of beer, how to serve it, its ingredients, and the most important origins and styles, to pairings and recipes with beer. The reader can learn about all aspects of the drink and refer to the “Style Guide” chapter each time they drink, thus bringing new perspectives to the beer-drinking experience.

Many factors must be considered when creating a book whose premise is to visually explain a subject. These factors range from the choice of graphic resources, the aesthetic formatting of the elements used, the construction of a narrative that creates a rhythm from start to finish, and the method that manages to unite textual and visual content.

The book's visual identity was designed to make reading easy and clear. First of all, we chose two very different typefaces: Hightower for larger texts; and Mint Grotesk for charts.

Colors play an important role in visual editing. The color scale of the beer itself served as a guiding element in the styles chapter and thus created an intuitive way of consulting – through the spine of the book. Other colors added throughout the book refer to the ingredients or characteristics of the drink.

Iconography is another key element in the construction of this book. The illustrations follow a clean and stylized line, suitable for most readers. The icons of the glasses emphasize their shape and are color-matched to the suggested style of beer they should be used for. The stylized illustrations of the bottles follow the beer brand design. Different colors and icons represent the main ingredients of beer (malt, water, hops, yeast, and adjuncts).