Viva la Costituzione | La Costituzione è viva! by Withub S.p.A.

In 2023, the 75th anniversary year of the Italian Constitution, the WITHUB publishing group represented the Charter using an interactive data journalism project. This work, which then became one of the main tools used within the educational project 'Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva': will be implemented in Italian primary school classrooms in September 2023, involving over 2,500 students.
WITHUB ( - a publishing group established in 2002 - has worked to offer a new perspective on the use of the text of the Charter, proposing that students not only read it, but also 'measure' it. This measurement is not an end in itself, but is intended to show through data visualisation how the fundamental concepts that make up the text are proposed within the individual articles and provisions. The starting point is the word, as a concept that takes on different meanings and nuances depending on the section.
The multimedia data journalism project we submit for your attention was conceived by WITHUB's team of data journalists, with the technical and creative collaboration of The Visual Agency.

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    Work team Data Journalists: Cosimo Firenzani, Carlo Fumagalli, Mirko Nuzzolo Digital Strategist: Isabella Castelli Executive Creative Director: Andrea Giorcelli Illustrations and creativity: Ale Giorgini ( (in collaboration with) Professor of Constitutional Law at the Department of Political Science, University of Pisa: Saulle Panizza (in collaboration with) Associate Professor at the Department of Legal Sciences, University of Verona: Daniele Butturini Development and creativity by The Visual Agency
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