Black Hole by TAFE

Welcome to the Black Hole.

This is the universe of the Tasks Request.
Most of us in our day-to-day roles get caught up in a myriad of important and sometimes not-so-important tasks.
We intend to contextualize that and arrange it in order of importance so we can feel a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day without feeling overwhelmed.
Several project management courses and software have tended to make our lives easy.
However, the onus still is on to then able to see what happens if we don't do that task on time.

I saw this problem exists at the macro-scale in business and when so many different teams and different regions are involved, how can we make those decisions with confidence?

I as a data scientist used machine ability to learn and cluster the tasks based on region, importance, and cost implications and then visualize so a human can understand.

I used KNN clustering in Azure ML and used SQL database to combine the internal dataset.
To do spatial analysis I have used latitude and longitude generator publicly available.

This visual is my hobby project in the hope to allow business users to appreciate the art and science of the data world.