Easy, DIY Water-Saving Tips by Diogo Guerra

With Climate Change, my country Portugal has been witnessing a drastic worsening of its water supply. Severe droughts have been decimating up to 90% of the territory over the past years. Besides advocating for better environmental policies, personal responsibility is also essential, not only for people to understand this is a shared cause, but also that they too can help create a more sustainable world for us and future generations. Implementing strategies to save water and energy are no longer a matter of 'When' but rather of 'Now' and 'How'.

As a medical illustrator, most of my work focuses on Human and Animal Health, but now, more than ever, it’s important to start creating more education materials on the Environment and the devastating consequences of Climate Change.
This small infographic was created in September 2022 and shared via social media, at a time where floods were covering a third of Pakistan, and severe droughts were decimating Mediterranean countries like Portugal and Spain. I've illustrated some easy DIY water-saving techniques everyone can start applying in their household, in hopes to kick-start discussion on this topic and foster more sustainable behaviours.