To a trickle by Marcelo Duhalde

In the summer of 2022, the water levels in the Yangtze, China’s largest river, hit a record low due to low rainfall in the river basin, reduced water flowing in from its upper reaches, and hotter temperatures speeding up evaporation. Because of the most serious heatwave in six decades, a worsening drought was so severe and impacted a vast area of the country.
In order to tell readers how rivers were drying up in the basin which had affected food and factory production, power supplies, and transport, we took the full page to show the map of the basin area, color-coding different water flow percentages for the rivers.
According to the sources, most of the rivers were having lower levels of water, the low flow probability was in the majority of them causing a big impact in the economy and agricultural production.
The intention in this graphic was to show only the rivers, without drawing any province or country borders, the only references used were the name and location of some cities, to emulate the circulatory system of a living organism.
This graphic has its Online version, where more information is displayed, the team thought was better to highlight the river's situation on a better scale to make it easy to understand for the audience and to give a better context to invite the reader to explore the visualized data.