Missing in Action: Visualising Gender Disparities in Indian Cinema by Indian Institute of Art and Design

The initiation of this project arises from my deep emotional connection to films and the importance it holds in my life. I have spent most of my childhood watching countless films with my dad. This project is the result of a four-month-long self-driven design graduation project that aimed to deeply explore the complex issue of gender disparity within Indian cinema. The project goes beyond just data visualization as I have spent a significant number of days understanding the context of my data and hundreds of hours watching more than 40 films to collect the data. There are multiple well-established cinema motifs used and other relevant visuals to form a connection and gain attention through various data visualizations talking about numerous crucial aspects of cinema. My aim with this project is to spark conversations and highlight where the issues stem from and help build a more informed audience and eventually influence change. I have talked about my process over the course of 4 months throughly and you can see the final product at the end of the study.