We looked for famous people in six fields and matched each area with a representative colour:

1. Politician (data from Time), representative colour is purple.
2. Entrepreneur (data from Forbes Rich List ), representative colour is gold.
3. Literary writer (the winner of The Nobel Prize in Literature in the past 30 years), representative colour is sky blue.
4. Artist (data from Wikipedia), representative colour is orange.
5. Scientist (data from Wikipedia), representative colour is dark blue.
6. Criminals (FBI Most Wanted Fugitives ), representative colour is grey.

The reason for choosing them is that they have tremendous influence on human society or change human life.

We found 30 representative characters from these 6 fields, based on the analysis of their appearance characteristics (including hairline height, eye pocket depth, mouth opening angle, beard length), family wealth background, personality, education, the age of get major achievement ,then we can analyze the differences and similarities, and draw conclusions from them.

We created a face for each person based on their appearance. Then, the faces of people with the same personality are superimposed to become an average face representing each character, and a colour bar representing each character is drawn according to the colour percentage.