The Living Portrait of NYC by Set Reset

What does it mean to be a New Yorker?

Citizens Bank announced their arrival in NYC by commissioning a multimedia, multi-sensory exhibition to celebrate the unique elements that make New York, New York. As part of this, Set Reset designed and produced an immersive large format animation exploring the data behind life in the Big Apple.

Created from a combination of our own research and a commissioned survey, the narrative focuses on the human experience of being a New Yorker. From money and living space, to food and recreation, each chapter is a data-driven deep dive into life in the big city.

Brought to life with a bold visual style, rationalised down to the simplest forms, yet retaining the details and quirks that showcase the character of New York. With the city grid as inspiration, we created a toolkit of geometric forms that could be multiplied and extrapolated as the story required, using a mixture of traditional visualisation and playful illustration. The scale of the room is used to maximum effect to bring the data into context, while generative particle systems echo the bustle of the streets outside.

Touchscreen kiosks provided opportunities for people to respond to the data through an interactive quiz. Attendees could see their responses visualised against everyone else, revealing how much of a New Yorker they really were. Bold colour themes synchronised across the animation, kiosks and lighting to create an ever-changing immersive experience in tribute to a city that never stands still.